Surveys & Technicals

It is crucial for the Türk P&I to ensure that any entered vessel meet the necessary standards for managing the quality of entered tonnage and in line with this, we request the assured to arrange P&I Condition Survey by a surveyor on our approved list within 30 to 60 days of entry, depending upon the terms of the cover established by our underwriters.

Türk P&I may at any time, or following an incident which will or may cause the assured to incur liabilities for which he may be insured by us, appoint a surveyor to inspect the assured’s ship at a time and place acceptable to the parties. The surveyor will conduct a comprehensive survey to ascertain the physical condition of the vessel and the effectiveness of the onboard management. If deficiencies are found, the surveyor will provide the Master and/or owners’ representative with a list of items in need of rectification. The surveyor will also forward a copy of the list to the Türk P&I with his initial report and if repairs are necessary, the Türk P&I may require a follow-up survey once they have been completed.

The Technical Department may recommend the Underwriting Department to warrant a defect exclusion clause. Defect exclusions remain in effect until such time as the vessel passes the survey requirement either by successfully undergoing a complete P&I Condition Survey, or following  a survey in which outstanding deficiencies are found, is presented for and completes a Follow-up Survey satisfactorily.


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