Dive Boat Liability Insurance

Our Dive Boat liability insurance offers additional covers to our dive boat owners recognizing that scuba diving brings risks which other policyholders do not have to deal with. We also give you extra cover you need to ensure that there is no gap in insurance should your divers stay on board org o ashore for no fly time after completing their last dive. We also cover liability from the supply of food and drinks on board.

Our Dive Boat liability insurance provide protection for incidents occurring during the trip, through inadequate dive instruction or dive advice when/if you are liable.

The liabilities we insure you against include those in relation to;

  • Collision and property damage,
  • Divers, guests and others,
  • Diversion costs,
  • Investigation and defense costs,
  • Fines,
  • Personal effects,
  • Pollution and environmental liabilities,
  • Quarantine costs,
  • Stowaways, refugees and life salvage,
  • Towage,
  • Water sports,
  • Wreck removal,
  • Your crew.

We also provide you with cover against:

  • Contractual indemnities,
  • Liability from supply and use of dive-related products, air and gas,
  • Liability to divers and guests whilst off the vessel,
  • Piracy.


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