Claims Notification

The insured, who receives a new event notification that may cause a claim, has to inform TPI immediately in written.

Our insured can reach our company from 7/24 or from the contact details section of the TPI Rules Booklet.

If our insured remains in doubt as to the fact of notifying the incident, it will be more accurate to report immediately, cause of the consequences of reporting at the last minute. The time limits for new event notifications are clearly outlined in TPI Rules Booklet.

P&I and H&M Claims

Some of the most common P&I claims’ headlines are as below;

  • Pollution and collision claims
  • Cargo claims
  • Crew injury and disease claims

Some of the most common H&M claims are as below;

  • Crankshaft damage claims,
  • Collision claims,
  • General hull and machinery claims

All kinds of claims and demands are being handled by TPI Insurance. Our practical and result-oriented approach to the claims is also being supported by our in house legal experts. Our claim team has been donated with high authority limits and short command chain facilities to take quick actions, in order to minimize the extend of the claims on the trade of our insureds.

Familiarity to the insured;

In complicated cases such as arrest, pollution or collision, there may be legal processes ordered by national or international maritime laws, in which case our company's experienced claim team works in coordination with highly skilled maritime lawyers. Each claim is being handled rapidly and in cooperation due to TPI’s close relationship with insureds.

Minimizing the costs;

Surveyors or lawyers may be needed to collect important evidence or to provide other assistance on the location of an incident. In order to minimize such costs of indirectly participating in claim, the insured should obtain the prior approval of TPI before assigning a lawyer or surveyor.