Reporting a claim

New claims must be reported to Türk P ve I Sigorta A.Ş. as soon as the assurred receives knowledge about an incident that may give rise to a claim. If the assurred has suspiciour about informing the claim to us, we recommend them to do so due to the severe consequences of late reporting of a matter. The time limit for informing new matters is clearly specified in our rule book.

Passenger, crew and collision liabilities have a significant place in protection and indemnity insurances.

Maritime incidents, that may be complicated, are consisting of national and international regulations that require legal processes. Our claims department approaches assistance from specialist lawyers on outstanding collision and detentions.


P&I claims

Our priority is to defend you as our assured from claims made against you and we are able to support you 24 hours a day through our expert claim handlers.  Your broker is involved at all stages and by managing a claim in this way, you are free to dedicate your time to running your business.

As well as defending you, we also provide legal assistance on how to best to deal with costs and expenses which fall under the policy. Surveyors, lawyers and correspondents may be instructed for giving necessary legal assistance or carrying out investigations to protect assureds’ rights. However, the assured should always get in touch with us in order to obtain our approval of covering costs before instructing them.

We handle all kind of claims in the most cost effective way in co-operation with our assured. Türk P&I enables claim team to give swift decisions through short chain of commands by giving high authority limits in order not to obstruct assureds’ business.