About Türk P&I

Who we are

Turkish P&I was established to meet liability insurance requirements of Turkish maritime interests which arise under Insurance Law no. 5684, enacted on 31.12.2013. A major purpose of this law is to establish a framework which legally compels Turkish interests to carry liability insurance for risks which are deemed mandatory to be insured under Turkish Laws & Regulations.


Laws and regulations enacted in Turkey in the last few years made it compulsory for majority of maritime interests in Turkey to carry P&I insurance, thus Turkish P&I was brought into existence to assist shipowners in having easier access to P&I insurances, which is deemed a speciality marine insurance product.


In respect of Regulation on the Establishment and Operation Principles of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies; our company applied for license from Turkish Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury General Directorate of Insurance and received the operating license on 18.02.2014.

Turk P&I Insurance Company is located in Istanbul. Board of Directors consists of 13 members. It is made up of 2 Board members representing A Group shareholder, 2 Board members representing B Group shareholder, 2 Board members representing C Group shareholder, 5 Board members representing D Group shareholder, 1 Board member representing Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication and General Manager.


Our company's premiums are provided by Insurance Brokers authorized by Turkish Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury.


Ziraat Sigorta A.Ş. A 1.000.000 1.000.000
Güneş Sigorta A.Ş. B 1.000.000 1.000.000
Türkiye Halk Bankası A.Ş. C 1.000.000 1.000.000
Omur Denizcilik A.Ş. D 2.205.000 2.205.000
Metropole Denizcilik ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. D 450.000


Vitsan Denizcilik A.Ş. D 345.000 345.000
TOTAL 6.000.000 6.000.000